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John Rushton, Chair of Waterloo Quarter, an organisation which represents a wide range of businesses in Waterloo:

  • “Waterloo Quarter supports the redevelopment of Elizabeth House and welcomes the positive impact that this will have on the economy of Waterloo. This major investment will revitalise the local economy, stimulating new enterprise and affirms our view that Waterloo is an ideal location for business.

    I believe that a development on this scale will attract other similar investment, and fear for the future of the Waterloo economy if this project does not go ahead.

    Waterloo Quarter has been actively engaged with other stakeholders in the Waterloo area in shaping the final plans for the Elizabeth House site. The owners have from the start looked to consult in an open and transparent fashion.”

Sir Stuart Lipton of Chelsfield:

  • “Elizabeth House is located in the geographical centre of London and the design by David Chipperfield reflects the opportunity of producing a building that would make a difference for Waterloo.

    The regeneration of the site will be a pivotal moment in a pivotal location for rail users, for the arts world, for the local community and for Londoners – the plans will significantly improve the experience for the tens of millions of people who pass through the site each year.”

Ian Livingstone, Executive Chairman, London & Regional Properties:

  • “Elizabeth House gives Waterloo the shot in the arm needed to create a new business district. The development will create exceptional quality office space in the heart of London adjacent to one of the best connected stations in the UK. These plans are key to unlocking future growth in Waterloo.”

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