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Modern New Buildings

Our plans for the Elizabeth House site create two new buildings.

The North Building is a stacked form – a series of volumes that build up to form a tower at the head of the site, next to Victory Arch. These volumes are clad with a translucent white glass façade and create a simple, calm architectural surface. The result is an elegant building that will take its place in the skyline of London and reflect the prominence of its location adjacent to the South Bank.

The North Building is 29 storeys tall (123 metres) with 62,000 square metres of new office space on floors 1-12, and 142 new homes across 15 floors above.

The South Building responds more closely to the scale and materials of its surroundings – it’s low rise, ground-bearing, with a masonry façade. It establishes a clear relationship with the adjacent buildings of County Hall and the Shell Centre.

The South Building is 10 storeys tall (53 metres) with 23,700 square metres of office space and 1,500 square metres small shops and cafes at ground level. We’re providing basement-level car parking and servicing, with 606 secure cycle spaces across the site.

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